These Are The Dumb Things We Believed As Kids
On The Bobby Bones Show today (May 21), Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, Raymundo, and Morgan were all talking about things they believed in as kids. These things we came to find out were definitely not true as we got older. Most of the things we were told by our parents or our siblings, and …
All The Good News In The Good News Countdown
The coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of hard stories in the news, but it has also turned out some really good stories about people doing good for others. From surprise graduation parties from fathers for their daughters to garbagemen helping out an elderly woman on their route, there's no…
Lunchbox Attempts To Get Free Food As A High School Senior
After Lunchbox passed as a high school senior in the Krispy Kreme drive-thru to get a dozen free donuts last week, he decided to see what else he was able to get.
Companies across the country are doing promotions for free items to gift to the Class of 2020 since they were unable t…

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