10 Little Known Facts About Eagle, ID
Most people would probably guess that Eagle was named after majestic bald eagles, but only Idahoans know what river those eagles lived near. Eagle, Idaho is full of rich history, and those little-known facts deserve the spotlight.
Eleven Names For Your Dog That Are So Idaho
Finding the perfect name for your new pup can be a challenge because you want something cool that will match the dog's greatness, and at the same time, the name needs good consonants for emphasis when the dog gets in trouble. How about Rex? And give Idaho some love at the same time.
A Top Money Site Calls Boise ‘Adorable’
It seems like the word "adorable" might apply more to babies and outfits than it does to the city of Boise, but one top money site says because we're so stinkin' "adorable," we're about to get a lot more visitors.

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