Scam Alert: Meridian Police Demanding Money
There are few things that I hate more in the world than scammers. It is such an awful thing to do for so many reasons. Well another group of scammers has entered the Treasure Valley and are making their presence known.
Boise Robber Gets Away on Mountain Bike
I know crime shouldn't be funny, but for some reason this tickles me just a little. I think it is just picturing a bad guy rushing from the scene on a bicycle, especially now, he must have trudged through some snow during his get away.
New Officers Sworn Into BPD
Jardo the K-9 would be proud to see his Boise Police Department bring on seven new officers and that's exactly what happened today.
Vigil for Idaho Officers
One Boise Police Officer has been released from the hospital, another remains in critical but stable condition. Here's an easy way you can show your support.
Shooting In Kuna
A 72 year old man is in the hospital this morning after an officer involved shooting in Kuna last night.

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