The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Boise
What I am laying out here is simply a list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boise for 2021. By using a few metrics to sort in overall cost of living which includes: groceries, goods and services, real estate and rent prices.
Ada County Has Over $24 Million for Rental Assistance
From stimulus checks to PPO loans for businesses to tax breaks, there have been some help offered to the individuals most impacted but for many it hasn't been enough. If you are or know someone who is financially suffering in Ada County there is new assistance available for those who qualify.
Free Bike Rental in Meridian
Do you ever want to go for a bike ride, but you just don't have a bike, or maybe you have family visiting from out of town and you want to ride the Greenbelt, but they didn't bring their bikes, starting next week you can now check out bikes at the Library.
Rent Prices are Up in Boise
Seen an increase in your rent in the past year?  Or have you been looking for a new place and noticed the asking prices are more than they used to be.  Well, according to a report by, it makes sense you've been seeing that...