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Idaho Schools Closing for Snow Day
Enough of the white stuff has fallen to prompt a snow day at several schools in Idaho. Here's where the kiddos are staying home instead of heading off to school today.
Where to Take Your Kids on a Snow Day
The biggest headache of all for some parents during these storms has been what to do with the kids with all these snow days!?!  Well some have turned to activity centers around the Treasure Valley as a place where the kids can burn off some of that cabin fever they've been experi…
School Closures for 1-10
Your kids most likely are not going to school today, but here's a full list of school closures across the Treasure Valley.
School Closures: How the Decision is Made
Now that the snow is starting to fall, school closures of course are going to be inevitable. But of course, just because the snow is falling doesn't necessarily mean that the schools are going to be closed. So what exactly does it take for the choice to be made...