snake river

Idaho’s Famous Snake River Stampede Crowns New Executive Director
This massive multi day event is a huge undertaking for the dedicated crew, board members and volunteers that work to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. Now a new spectacular Executive Director is leading the way. Lynn Calvin is a Caldwell native with deep roots and ties to the Snake River Stampede.
Have You Seen Evel Knievel’s Jump Over The Snake River?
Evel is a legend. He was best known for his motorcycle stunts that occurred between 1965 and 1980. According Visit Southern Idaho, He earned the Guinness Book of Records title of most broken bones in a lifetime. Did you know that his most daring and final jump was across Idaho's Snake River Canyon...
Idaho’s Favorite Tattoo
The Boise State logo or the shape of Idaho itself... Which tattoo is most common in our state? We've done some real investigative journalism and solved this mystery!

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