Should Idaho Move its Boarder to Include Southern Oregon
This has been an ongoing battle for counties who want out of the blue state for years. This coming May Oregon voters will be able to give their two cents on the matter. If approved, Idaho's boarders would alter to include Southern and Eastern Oregon and the Northernmost part of California.
Do Politics End Friendships?
Seems like a ridiculous choice to have to make, but in the current political climate and the vast access to information and misinformation, pepper in the fact that any and everyone can share a meme that seemingly shatters an entire belief system, this is often a choice that needs to be made.
Election Day Won't be a School Holiday in Idaho
May have seemed like a good idea, but a panel has just killed a bill that would make election days school holidays.
According to Chief Deputy Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane, the idea behind the bill was to make it so schools could serve as polling places without dealing with the possibl…
Are Idaho Do-Over Votes Possible
Donald Trump has been raising eyebrows urging those who have already voted for Clinton to reconsider based on recent events.  This is possible in 6 states.

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