No New WinCo’s in Meridian
Has anyone noticed signs for future WinCo locations in Meridian and then it seems like they never get started on construction? Here's what's going on and why it may never happen.
WinCo Coming To Chinden and Linder
For years now people have wondered what was going to land the coveted Linder and Chinden lot in Meridian. Now we know and there's actually another WinCo opening up in Meridian as well.
No New WinCo in Meridian
It's not completely dead in the water but Planning and Zoning just turned down the proposal of a brand new WinCo on the corner of Chinden and Linder. Why? Maybe the question should be why not? Planning and Zoning voted unanimously to turn down the proposal and they say there's a lot of reasons from traffic and connectivity, to the strip mall style design, to how close it is to homes.

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