The Rules of The Hell’s Angels
I grew up on the back of my dads Harley and while my dad, in my mind is cool as hell, I don't think he's quite got what it takes to be a Hell's Angel after reading this list.
20 Foot WOW Banner Stolen
This WOW Banner was stolen Friday night at the Canyon County Fair.  Who took it?  More importantly... Why??  Whatcha going to do with this thing?
Rick and Carly’s Blind Date with Michael Tyler!
Today at the Powderhaus Brewery on Chinden, Rick and Carly hosted a blind date! The featured guest? Upcoming artist Michael Tyler! A few lucky listeners had the chance for a private acoustic concert, lunch, and great beer. They also got to hang out with Michael and snap a few photos...
Share a Coke with WOW!
Today, WOW 104.3's Rick from the morning show was live at Walmart in Meridian off Ten Mile! Pictures with Santa were absolutely FREE as well as free Coke, and knit cola koozies as part of the 'Share A Coke Caravan'! Coca-Cola has traveled all over the country in their giant truck to spread joy, beverages, and holiday spirit...

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