Did you watch the MTV VMAs last night?  If so, were you as confused as me?

I mean, at one point Miley Cyrus had on more clothes than Taylor Swift.  Then, rather than take the mic and stick her tongue out, Miley took her big win of the night to advocate for a charity.  Using her platform to raise awareness and money to fight teen homelessness is not something I expected from Miley.  Miley even said at one point on the red carpet that she's done with the whole twerking thing.

What is going on here?

I'm not sure if it's a calculated image makeover or if it's just maturity, but I like it.  There's no question that Miley is talented -- music, acting, dancing -- she can do it all.  But her recklessness over the years has been like watching a trainwreck; bad relationships questionable career choices, drug use.

Was it all just a stage?  Or maybe a big attention-grabbing act?

Are we finally going to start seeing the Miley we hoped she would grow into once she left Hannah Montana?  Are the days of dancing with a giant teddy bear while dressed in a thong over?  I sure hope so.  If so, what will become of all of Miley's risque clothes and backup dancers?  Maybe she can give it all to Taylor Swift.  She's a bit under dressed these days....