Lots of gunshots, 500 geese, and two men created a very different sound in a Meridian subdivision on Monday.


What are these guys thinking?  I mean really??


Two men pulled over their pickup truck, started blasting at 500 different geese, grabbed close to a dozen of the dead ones, threw them in the back of the truck and took off.


One man and his wife saw the whole thing.  Shocked, they quickly tried their best to take care of the injured geese and had to put several of them down.


A construction worker took a picture of the truck and license plate so it didn't take long for Meridian Police to catch theses guys.  57-year-old Wayne Andrew Campbell of Kuna and 48-year-old Mark Allen Edwards of Star have both been cited for shooting firearms within city limits.


Idaho Fish and Game also cited the two men with multiple law infractions.