Don't worry, no one gets hurt in the video. You see the camera man taking careful videos of the gorgeous bride in her gown in a beautiful ally and courtyard area. As he turns the camera to get details of her bouquet and the elegant bridal train behind her you hear a sudden blast. The cameraman seems to step a few feet the other direction and braces against a wall for a second before you see him turn back and the bride is being taken away to safety by someone.

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After the blast you can see a plume of dust, smoke and debris travel up the ally, still far enough away to not strike or harm anyone in the video. Video is courtesy of Mohmound Nakib

We do know that the blast in the Lebanon capital has taken the lives of at least 135 people and injured at least 4,000. The cause of the blast appears to be 2,750 ton ammonium nitrate stash that was not properly contained in the port. The government said that they are going to open an investigation as to who is responsible.


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