My freshman and sophomore year of high school I remember walking home from the bus stop, opening the garage, going in through the kitchen and turning on a tiny little 8 inch table top TV screen. I would always make it just in time for Saved By The Bell. I loved it. I was totally the demo and ate it up. They were the coolest. While I am not the biggest fan of reboots, sometimes they work sometimes they don't. I am excited to see what this one has to offer and if I get the same satisfaction watching it now as I did back then, or if it really is made more for the new teenage generation.

This is the first big exclusive show for Peacock, the latest streaming service trying to make enough noise to place up with Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Have you tried Peacock yet? How do you like it?

Anywhoooo... Back to Saved By The Bell - The premier is November 25th and will have lots of familiar faces.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar comes back as Zack Morris, who's now the governor of California. Tiffani Thiessen is back as Kelly and is married to Zack, making her the first lady of Cali.

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Mario Lopez is back as A.C. Slater and is the schools athletic director. Elizabeth Berkley Lauren is back as Jessie Spano and is the schools counselor. They have a son named Jamie who is captain of the football team.  Check out the gallery to see the new cast and the returning favorites.

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