Idahoans are no slouches when it comes to smarts. If you were to compare us to another country, who are we as smart as?

Luckily for us, somebody already crunched the numbers. put together a list of every state in the U.S. and what other country's education level they match closest with. How does that work?

We used the U.S. Census to get the numbers on each state’s high school graduation rate, and then compared those numbers to the education index of each country in the world, provided by the United Nations Development Program.

Unfortunately, the smartest states in the U.S. per this study are in the North East. So how did Idaho stack up? According to the study, we're closely matched with the country of Colombia when it comes to our education.

For the record, the United States ranked 28th in the world as far as math and science scores.


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