The last few months have been filled with stories of missing people in Idaho. Sometimes these stories end up being a child who ran away from home which some say is what happened with Traigen Carter. Other times someone went on an adventure and had an accident and couldn't contact help. Some of the missing persons cases are covered in mystery for years until some breakthrough occurs and helpful information is obtained. That seems to have happened earlier this year when Gilberto Flores was arrested in relation to the 1995 murder case of Regina Krieger. Too many times, though, we never find out what happened to the missing people and the cases go cold. In recent years the stories of Angel Rose, Avery Brown, Isaac Turner, and Linda Sutton have been featured on our website. Cold cases in Idaho are not a new issue and some missing people have remained missing for decades. A new YouTube video focuses on five of these cold cases and hopes to help solve the mysteries around them.

  • Stephanie Crane went missing in 1993 in Challis. On October 11th, nine year old Stephanie went bowling with friends and hasn't been seen since.
  • The Civil Defense Cave John Doe is a case where body parts were found but authorities haven't been able to identify the person. Cave explorers found the male torso but the arms and legs weren't found for another 12 years and the head has yet to be found.
  • Kyle Frank Tolley went camping with friends in 2001 and went into the woods alone but never returned. Police aren't sure if Kyle is only missing or if he died in the forest.
  • Krystyn Dunlap went missing in 1994. She is believed to be a runaway from an abusive relationship but hasn't been seen in more than two decades.
  • DeOrr Kunz is one of the most famous missing persons cases in recent history. In 2015 the Kunz family went camping and that is when young DeOrr went missing. We have had continuous coverage of this tragic case and developments as they occur here on our website.

If you have any information about any of these cases, the YouTube video has links and case information plus more in depth histories on the cold cases. The Idaho Cold Cases Facebook page has more information on other cold cases from around Idaho.

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