Chuck Wicks Performs Unreleased Song “Old With You”
Chuck Wicks just announced a new podcast on the Nashville Podcast Network called Talk To Chuck, and he plans to release new music in the coming months. With all of that excitement, he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about everything, plus perform his biggest hit…
Is It Time To Ditch Daylight Savings?
I grew up in Sunny Tucson Arizona. It was hot, full of saguaros and the time didn't ever change. I visited family when I was 12 in
Missouri during daylight savings time. I had never heard of it and it made no sense at all.
TMSG: School Resource Officer Adopts 2 Teenage Students
Ryan Patton has spent years working as a school resource officer helping students. He took another step to help two of his students even more.
Patton officially adopted two of his teenage students this year. Brad was adopted by Patton in February, while Nick officially became part of t…
The Case Of The Missing Cufflinks Has Been Solved
Earlier this week, Lunchbox and Eddie went at it on air because of something that happened with their rented tuxes for Raymundo's wedding.
The guys were all groomsmen in Raymundo's wedding and they had rented their tuxes from a place in town...
Five Idaho Horror Movies on Amazon Prime
There is no doubt that Halloween in 2020 will be different than past years. Parents are left to wonder whether or not it's safe to trick or treat. Costume sales are down, and the number of people dressing up this year will be the lowest in a long time...

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