Amy’s Son Got In Trouble For Mimicking Something She Said
Amy's children are currently in some virtual summer school programs. During one of the programs, her son Stevenson said something that got him into some trouble with a teacher.
After Stevenson's virtual reading session, Amy received an email from his teacher sharing that she …
Have a Dog that Wont Stop Barking? You Need This...
My pup Ani is overall a really good dog … But The Barking… she wont listen even when I assure her everything is good until I either put her inside or the “threat” leaves. I stumbled upon this handy and harmless device and had to share.
Attention Fishing Lovers, Is this a Bull Trout?
When we were fishing at Red Fish Lake in Stanley we kept getting the same type of fish and all around the same size. It seemed like they could be Bull Trout so we ended up throwing back everything we caught. Can you help identify?

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