Thanks to an older brother in the U.S. Armed Forces, RaeLynn has long been familiar with military life, and it didn't come as a huge surprise to her when her husband, Josh Davis, decided to enlist. Davis left for boot camp shortly before the country singer's debut album, WildHorsehit the top of the charts in early 2017, and though he wasn't always able to celebrate her successes with her in person, the two have stayed in close contact by making time in their busy schedules to see each other and good old fashioned letter-writing.

And they must be doing something right: RaeLynn and Davis recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

"We made it!" RaeLynn said with a laugh during a recent interview. "We were actually away from each other the day of, but we got to see each other the next day, and we went out on a little date weekend. It was amazing."

As the country singer looks toward releasing new material from her as-yet untitled sophomore project, she's reflecting on the impact marriage has on her songwriting.

"You know, I'm a wife. Not just a wife -- an army wife," she explains. "Becoming a woman and figuring out what I'll stand for and what I won't -- all of that is in on this record."

RaeLynn's life has changed substantially since she released her debut album, even though it's only been about a year. She says those changes have given her the confidence to be vulnerable on her next album.

"I've always been vulnerable in my lyrics, but this project takes it to another level," she says. "I'm just not really scared to write anything. Not that I've ever been scared, but sometimes you get nervous and wonder what people are gonna think. This record has been about being the most vulnerable person I can be and writing the music I'm most excited to write."

In part, that maturity comes from having the consistency of a life partner: "I know, through thick and thin, that if all this went away, I would still have my relationship with my husband," she adds. "There's something about that stability that is just incredible."

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