Randy Houser has seen a successful career with six studio albums and multiple hit songs, but he says those accomplishments aren't the meter by which he measures his success.

In an interview with Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul, Houser says that the biggest reward he's received throughout his nearly 15-year career has been giving his family the life he didn't have during his own upbringing in Mississippi.

"A house is good," Houser says, when speaking about things he can offer his family. "We moved around a lot. Most of the time it was just my mama and me and my sister, so we moved a lot — trying to make rent. It was tough."

"I think the biggest thing is just the stability and having a place that you can call home and you can always come home," he continues. "That's a big deal to me. I feel successful knowing that I can give my family a home."

The hard times he faced in his youth may have prepared Houser for the struggles he encountered when starting up his music career. The singer says he toured regionally for eight years before finally making the move to Nashville, and those early days sometimes involved sleeping on a pool table, "with a roll of paper towels for a pillow."

"I wouldn't trade those experiences for nothing," he admits. "They were wild."

Now, Houser's career is well established and he's doing it his way with his Magnolia Record Label — and he tells Paul he doesn't see himself retiring anytime soon.

"For me, I got into music because I loved it way before I even thought I could make a living making music," he says. "I feel like I'll be one of those like Willie [Nelson] — I'll be playing 'til I'm an old man. I love it that much. I think it would really freak me out to have that, 'Hey, I'm retiring, this is my last show thing.' I don't think I would cope well with that."

"It's just what I do," he continues. "It's like telling a painter, 'We're taking your paints away.' It's like, 'No.'"

Houser released his sixth studio album, Note to Self, in November.

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