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Therapy Approved Texts To Send To Someone That’s Grieving
Grief is one of those topics that is hard for people to address. It's hard and uncomfortable for the person experiencing the grief and it's difficult for others to comfort them in the best, kindest way.
Bustle wanted to help people who want to be there for others during their grie…
Amy, Lunchbox, And Eddie Compete In Blind Karaoke
Billboard just released an article sharing the top 20 most popular karaoke songs based on tracks selected by their users.
Some of the top songs included "Let It Go" from the Frozen soundtrack, "Dance Monkey" from Tones and I, "Old Town Road" from Lil Nas X featuring Bill…
Amy May Be Getting Scammed With Cat Situation
Last Christmas, Amy and her husband gifted a cat to their daughter Stachira. However, they still had to purchase the cat, they more so gave Stachira permission to have a cat in the house.
Due to allergies, and Amy's dog having some specific personality traits, they had t…

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