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Eddie Found A Stolen Purse In Work Parking Lot
After yesterday's show (September 23), Eddie walked out to his car at work and saw something really odd.
Eddie saw a purse draped over the dumpster right next to our work. He took to his Instagram stories to share as he spotted the pursue, decided what he should do, and …
Bobby Bones Is Testing Out Contacts For The First Time Ever
.@mrbobbybones got contacts all for his TV show. pic.twitter.com/e8oOfkFeTB
— Bobby Bones Show (@bobbybonesshow) September 23, 2020
Bobby Bones is currently filming for his television show Breaking Bobby Bones.
Since he started filming, Bones has run into some issues while out working...
Eddie & His Wife Hoping To Adopt Foster Kids By End Of 2020
We got an update on the kid situation in @RadioAmy, @ProducerEddie, & @RadioLunchbox's lives + @mrBobbyBones shared how many kids he wants! pic.twitter.com/kZ95t0yZeV
— Bobby Bones Show (@bobbybonesshow) September 23, 2020
The Bobby Bones Show has been following the journey of Eddie…

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