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Lunchbox Attempts To Buy Just One Wing From Wing Place
Lunchbox is back with the prank calls on The Bobby Bones Show today (July 1) and this time he's trying to purchase something a bit out of the ordinary.
He called a restaurant that sells wings and instead of asking them for their usual small, medium, or large sizes, Lunchbox wanted…
Eric Church Dreamt Up One Of The Songs On His Next Album
Eric Church is currently spending his time secluded in the mountains of North Carolina while working on his next album. He just gave fans a taste of what the new album will be like with his new single "Stick That In Your Country Song."
During his phone call on The Bob…
TMSG: Amazon Driver Fulfills Kid’s Funny Request
Lynn Deborah Staffieri shared on her Facebook page an amazing, and now viral video, of her Amazon delivery driver fulfilling her son's additional instructions request.
Staffieri wrote on her page that she ordered something on Amazon and her youngest son apparently went in after he…

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