BSU Students Create App That Combats Food Insecurity
If you are living paycheck to paycheck you know how tight things can get. One unexpected expense and if you're like me, it cuts into your grocery budget. For some people, the budget is so tight that they don't know where that next meal is going to come from. This new app, developed by stud…
The Best Boise State Gifts Under $25
To celebrate the holidays, sometimes it's hard to decide what to get people. However, if we know something they like it makes it a lot easier. Below we've created a list of items under $25 perfect to get a Boise State fan in your life.
14-Year-Old Attending Boise State
I can't even fathom having a 14-year-old smart enough to be attending college, but it's happening for one young lady who goes to Boise State University before she can even drive!

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