Man Hunts and Kills Deer in Popular Idaho Park
O.k., I get it if you are a hunter, but there is a time and a place for it. A hunter shot and killed a deer in this popular Idaho park leaving people disturbed, traumatized, and scared for their own lives.
Greg Discovers Boise Wild Life......Right Outside Our Building!
So when I walked out the door to our building the other day, what a surprise it was to see a whole family of deer just chillin' on our grass.  They didn't seemed phased by me at all either. I've lived places before where you'll see the occasional deer, but I've never seen any that could care less that a human being was literally a few feet from them...
Albino Deer at Boise Cemetery
Are they magical, mystical, or even real.  People have been talking about pure white, albino deer that show up late at night at the Dry Creek Cemetery in Boise.  Now we have proof!