Kick Your Sushi Craving at One of These Great Meridian Sushi Spots
I probably need to get out and explore more local Meridian sushi spots but honestly this one is so good and yet to disappoint me that I have stuck with it. Their creations are beautiful and delicious. They have a 4.3 star google review rating out of 159 reviews. The back of the restaurant also connects to an authentic Ramen house restaurant. They share the same kitchen in the middle but the two restaurants are mostly separate.
Idaho Drinks More Wine Per Capita Than Any Other State
I knew we loved wine here in the gem state but I had no idea HOW MUCH we love wine here in the gem state. According to 27/4 Wall St and a recent listing of Strangest Little Facts About Each State, Idaho drinks more wine per capita than any other state in the country. While the stat surprised me, it actually does make sense when you look a little deeper.

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