Vaccinated Oregonians Are Entered to Win $1 Million
For Oregon residents who get their first vaccine dose before June 27th, they are entered into a drawing with a good chance at getting a decent money payout. The “Take Your Shot Oregon” campaign will draw the winners on June 28. The top prize is a $1,000,000 jackpot. There are 36 counti…
Powerball Game Continues in Idaho Another Year
Earlier this year Idaho lawmakers were working on pulling the plug on the multi-state lottery because other countries were joining the game. Local lawmakers are worried about what participating foreign countries will do with their earned lottery revenue. Originally Idahoans were not going to have ac…
$100,000 Powerball Winnings for A Meridian Couple
The timing for this couple is quite interesting. Kameron actually gave her notice at work that day. She was leaving her job and probably pretty nervous about how that would effect finances. It was later that same day that Charles called Kameron to tell her they had won. Talk about a sign that she di…
The Largest House in Idaho Is….
This family made a fortune selling on Amway decades ago. This is still the largest house in the gem state, base off of square footage reports. Boasting an impressive 28,469-square-feet with 13 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.
Over 100 Jobs Paying Over $50K Coming to Boise
There is a new building materials factory from The Azek Company taking over the old Shopko near the Boise airport. They are hiring over 80 jobs in the next year and over a hundred more shortly after. The positions are expected to pay at least $50,000 annually.

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