These Are The Worst Movies We’ve Ever Seen
Netflix's new movie The Last Days of American Crime has become the latest film to score a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Which is as bad as it sounds. It now joins the likes of 2018's John Travolta-starring Gotti and Adam Sandler's 2015 western comedy The Ri…
We Drafted Our Favorite Songs From Movies
The Bobby Bones Show's arguably most popular segment is back! The drafts of all different things. The show will only be doing 1 draft a week instead of 2 a week. Today's draft (June 8) was a draft of our favorite songs from movies.
The show had to pick our 'Favorite Songs From Movies:"
Morgan's p…
Is Boise The Next Hollywood?
More and more filmmakers are finding that Boise is a great place to make movies. One of those filmmakers is set to release his film before the end of the year.

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