Vaccinated Oregonians Are Entered to Win $1 Million
For Oregon residents who get their first vaccine dose before June 27th, they are entered into a drawing with a good chance at getting a decent money payout. The “Take Your Shot Oregon” campaign will draw the winners on June 28. The top prize is a $1,000,000 jackpot. There are 36 counti…
Should Idaho Move its Boarder to Include Southern Oregon
This has been an ongoing battle for counties who want out of the blue state for years. This coming May Oregon voters will be able to give their two cents on the matter. If approved, Idaho's boarders would alter to include Southern and Eastern Oregon and the Northernmost part of California.
Man Steals SUV w/ Kid, Drives Kid Back to Mom and Lectures Her
He then started yelling at the mother telling her to get the child out of the back seat and lecturing her on her bad parenting and said he would should call the police on her for leaving her kid in the back seat. After she safely got her 4 year old out the man drove off in the stolen SUV again!
I-84 CLOSED in Eastern Oregon Due to Ice and Crashes
The Oregon Department of Transportation say "severe winter conditions" have caused multiple trucks to slide off the road especially between mileposts 287 and 289. This closure will remain in place until conditions improve and are deemed safe again.

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