Treasure Valley

Idaho's Capitol Christmas Tree is Gorgeous!
After a the most stressful year for anyone and everyone Idaho is ready to bring in some smiles and joy with the Capital Christmas tree. It was just moved to the Statehouse today and is grand, fantastic and everything we need this year.
Study: Idaho is the LEAST Wasteful State in US
When you think green states, Idaho is not the first that comes to mind, but it should be. It turns out our state is doing a lot behind the scenes to be resourceful and smart about sustainability and utilizing natural recourses.
11 Rescued from 3rd Floor Boise Hotel Fire
The Cottonwood Suites Boise Riverside just outside of downtown had a fire breakout. Fire crews got there just after 4am. First they evacuated everyone and did what they could to get the flames under control.
Boise Mayor Adds Restrictions and Closures
The new health order requires mask coverings, this time it will actually be enforced though. Many City buildings and other businesses closing. It limits access to airport, lessens meetings, and has greater consequences for violators.

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