Adventures in Snow Surrounded Idaho Hot Springs
I did what any respectable woman would do and took my suit top off to enjoy the natural hot springs in my all natural attire. It was a little embarrassing when a group of people silently snuck up on us. I had my back to them most of the time but ooops. I guess we weren't as alone as we thought.…
Possible Big Snow Fall Coming to The Treasure Valley
There is super cold air coming from Montana and Wyoming that is expected to hit Idaho. This coupled with low pressure blowing into the state as well could be the perfect combo to pull that icy air over the Rocky Mountains right to us, which usually doesn't happen. The prefect storm so to speak.
Bogus Basin Just Got 6 Inches of Fresh Snow
As I was making my daily drive into downtown Boise on 84 today I noticed how white the mountains all of the sudden got. I even pointed it out to Titus in the back seat, "Look how much snow the mountains got buddy!" With all of the craziness yesterday I didn't pay much attention to the…
I-84 CLOSED in Eastern Oregon Due to Ice and Crashes
The Oregon Department of Transportation say "severe winter conditions" have caused multiple trucks to slide off the road especially between mileposts 287 and 289. This closure will remain in place until conditions improve and are deemed safe again.
Is It Time To Ditch Daylight Savings?
I grew up in Sunny Tucson Arizona. It was hot, full of saguaros and the time didn't ever change. I visited family when I was 12 in
Missouri during daylight savings time. I had never heard of it and it made no sense at all.

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