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It always feels like I'm with family when I get to chat with Walker Hayes. He has a new album out now called Country Stuff the Album, and he sat down to chat it up with me. I dove right in and asked him about a song on the album that's called "Briefcase." It's about his father, who recently died, and how the briefcase he took to work every day as a realtor is a lot like Walker's guitar case he carries around.

Walker really went in deep about the relationship he had with his dad — it's quite the story.

Walker is also up for a Grammy at the 2022 Grammy Awards, and I had to know where he would keep his trophy if he wins. He was telling me how he has a golden waffle from Waffle House, and it would go right next to that.

His new song "AA" is a fun one that mentions how he is trying to keep his daughters off the pole and his sons out of jail. I asked him what his kids thought about that and he was saying how his life is an open book to his kids, and they know everything to know about him and his past, and they get a kick about his songs.

My favorite part of this conversation might be when he starts talking about classic country. Admit it, Walker isn't the first guy you think of when you think of artists influenced by Hank Williams Jr. and Don Williams, but his favorite song from Bocephus is a very deep cut, and he can nearly sing the "Tulsa Time" singer's entire catalog. "You're My Best Friend" is his all-time favorite love song, for reasons you'll hear during this conversation.

Last time I spoke to Walker, he talked about about how he had a drawer full of Applebee's gift cards still to use. This time, he said they still have some left, but have eaten there so much they kind of had to take a break. He also mentions Wendy's in the song, so I asked if Wendy's has stepped up to the plate and offered him anything, and he said no. He wants his own frosty machine, though, and we got a good kick out of that. So, Wendy's, if you're listening, hook this man up with a frosty machine already!

It was a really fun way to spend 20 minutes or so, and I think you will enjoy it, as well — it's on the Taste of Country Nights on Demand Podcast.

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