The unthinkable just happened and we as a community are shell-shocked as the details keep slipping out bit by bit on this fiery car crash that took place at 3:30 this morning in the Boise Walmart parking lot.  We now know that the one person dead has been identified as a 5-year-old girl.  The coroner has not released her name so that family and close friends can be properly notified.

Two other people are in the hospital and here's what we know so far.  According to KTVB the Boise Police have reported that the three of them were sleeping in the car when a portable heater most likely caught fire engulfing the vehicle turning it into a death trap.

When police and firefighters arrived the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames.  Two people, a toddler and a woman made it out and were both transported to the hospital where it looks like they'll be o.k.

At this time we do not know the scenario that led this family to sleep in their vehicle overnight.  This parking lot frequently has homeless or parking overnight so it most likely is one of those type of situations.  Walmart has handed their video surveillance over to the authorities which should tell us more about what happened.  In the meantime, an innocent, little 5-year-old has been taken from this earth and the thought of what that child endured is difficult.  Please pray for this family.

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