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$9.9 Million Fine to Idaho Man for Robocalls
As technology has gotten more and more advanced so have the way pranks and scams are done. Now there are phone apps that can do the prank for you with a set of already prerecorded prank calls. Probably not the best idea. Especially after reading this.
The 'Drunkest' City in Idaho Is.....
It hardly seems fair to base these numbers on 2020 when we were in crazy mode and on lock down. Everyone drank more when we were under the lockdown. Either way here in Idaho it was not Boise or anywhere in the Treasure Valley for that matter.
Top Voted Items to Buy at Idaho Trader Joes
Once I carefully maneuver into a spot if I am lucky enough then these are a few of the top items I will be grabbing along with some other personal faves. These are the top choice of Trader Joes items to buy in 2021 from crew members and shoppers.

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