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Real Hidden Treasures in Idaho and Where to Find Them
There is so much history in our amazing Gem State. Also there are a lot of gems, and gold and overall treasures hanging out, hidden just waiting to be discovered in Idaho. Here are some amazing tales of the wild west, robbers, criminals and hidden treasures that are still believed to be unfound and …
These Talented Idahoans Got National Attention
We have a lot of talent here in the gem state. Idaho is home to some incredible singers who have hit some of the biggest stages and performed in front of millions of people watching at home. Here are some of the top Idaho contestants from American Idol and The Voice.
Bobby Won’t Ever Do This One Thing When He Travels
Bobby Bones has been traveling a lot for work lately. He's been going out to California for filming of American Idol, plus he just finished filming for the first season of his TV show Breaking Bobby Bones. All of the filming means he has to travel to a lot of different …

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