Looking through Reddit to see if anything stood out and came across "How to make the most of a summer in Boise?" As someone who hasn't spent a summer here in Boise, I could find some great ideas. One of the top comments wasn't about a specific activity but was more about the Boise heat.

Please know that Boise's summer heat is different from many places. It is very dry here, and you NEED to take water with you if you go out on a hike, bike, or other travels outside of town in the foothills or mountains.

That's something I would never think about. This was great advice after looking at what people were recommending for this person to do. The person who asked this question would only be in Boise for a few months and wanted to get the most out of their visit. Some more great advice came when someone reminded the thread about sunscreen.

Lots of water and PLEASE, please, please remember sunscreen every two hours. With how dry it is here, you will quickly become bacon.

If you're looking for something different to do this summer, or there could be something on this list that you still need to consider, you should check it out. I would love to find time to do most of what is on this recommendation list. Just make sure to remember plenty of water and sunscreen. There were even recommendations outside of Idaho, like the Great Basin National Monument, Utah, and Arizona, for Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon National Parks.

9 Fun Outdoor Ways To Make The Most of Your Boise Summer

These are the answers received when someone on Reddit asked, "How to make the most of a summer in Boise?"

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