With May Primaries just around the corner, Idahoans are requesting their absentee ballots to make their vote count. While voting in person takes a little more of your time, sending in your absentee ballot still requires you to get out to your mailbox with the correct postage.

When you receive your ballot (request it HERE), be sure to check if the envelope already has the correct postage. According to KTVB, some counties are already providing the postage with your ballot. However, if it does not have the postage, you can get a FREE stamp from one of the many participating grocery stores that are helping out.

According to KTVB,  Idaho Secretary of State, Lawerence Denney, has partnered with 43 independent grocers around the state to provide constituents with a free stamp for their absentee ballots. All Albertsons and Safeway locations throughout the state will also be participating.

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