On The Bobby Bones ShowBobby Bones and Amy started the show (June 1) with a somber message following the last week's recent events. Peaceful protests in dozens of cities turned violent on Saturday (May 30) night as anger and unrest continued to spread in the wake of the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. The riots left many cities looking like war zones, after rioters burned buildings, smashed cars, and clashed with law enforcement.

Bones and Amy exchanged their last several days of processing the events that unfolded. They noted that people came after them online for not addressing the civil unrest and the death of Floyd sooner, but they both shared that they were taking time to process things in their own way. Bones shared a message on his Instagram Sunday Night, and Amy posted a message about the relationship with her adopted children Saturday night.

During their open discussion on the show, Bones shared that he loves protests. He enjoys seeing people galvanizing for a single voice and believes they are right and justified in doing so. He said that it's difficult to watch when people start to get hurt and property is being damaged. He continued by sharing that he doesn't have the words for exactly how he feels. He's seen racism while growing up in his small town of Arkansas. His school wasn't all white, and every time his sports teams would travel to other places his teammates would get racial slurs thrown at them by strangers. Bones remembers these moments vividly and how he didn't understand why strangers would do that to people they don't know for something they have no control over.

Amy shared her recent struggles with everything happening. She said that ever since her and her husband considered interracial adoption, they were enrolled in training to prepare for things to come with having an interracial family. Up until now, Amy and her kids have had small conversations about racism and the obstacles they will face. But now, Amy is focused on having those real deep conversations with her 9-year-old and 13-year-old children. She confessed that she doesn't feel as equipped as she wants to, but she's open to learning everything she can.

Bones concluded the somber discussion by noting that "It was a real eye opening weekend, one of the most eye opening that I've ever seen." Amy concurred noting that we've been here before, but something is definitely different this time... in a good way.