Amy’s Daughter Wants To Play The Lottery
Amy's 13-year-old daughter Stachira has found a new interest in the lottery.
Her daughter has been saving up her allowance to buy something that she wants. She told Amy that she wants to play in the lottery, but she's not legally allowed to...
Eddie Gifted Amy An Old TV To Smash With A Sledgehammer
Amy has been dealing with some personal things over the last few weeks so Eddie decided to gift her something that would help.
Eddie brought an old television he needed to get rid of to the studio. Then he worked with Bobby Bones and producer Scuba Steve to make sure the…
Boise's Best Hot Chocolate According to Google
Everyone I know drinks coffee. Let me rephrase that. Everyone I know is obsessed with coffee. It's an essential part of their morning and often throughout the day to keep them going. On the other hand, I am not a coffee drinker, but I desperately need to fit in, so when I'm asked to go for coffee, o…

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