Bobby Bones and his girlfriend Caitlin have been quarantined together for months now and just shared last week that she's moving in with him in June.

While in quarantine, Caitlin has been finishing up her schooling for a Masters Program. This May would have been her graduation ceremony and celebration. Since she was unable to walk across the stage and accept her diploma or celebrate with her family and friends, Bones decided to to throw her, her own personal graduation ceremony at the house. He purchased two sets of graduation caps and gowns, a podium, a cake, and put up a graphic on his television saying "Congratulations Caitlin!"

When she walked into the room, she was greeted with Bones giving a commencement speech and congratulating her. He even had someone take photos of the whole occasion to truly make sure she never forgot the special time in her life. After this surprise, the two drove to Oklahoma for a surprise family graduation party.

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