Do you play computer games? If you do, you're certainly not alone in this day and age!
Almost half of grown adults play computer games, but Boise isn't one of the more popular cities for gamers!

According to WalletHub, Boise ranks at number 63 on the list of the top 100 cities in America for gamers. That shouldn't really surprise anyone, since Boise is consistently listed as one of the top, if not THE top, cities in America for outdoor activities. So maybe, just maybe, people in the Treasure Valley like to get out and move more than their thumbs?

Don't get me wrong...nothing wrong with playing computer games! Heck, I do it myself once in a while. ONCE in a while. Apparently, I'm not alone when it comes to others in the Treasure Valley!

However, gaming is BIG business! Globally, it's a $100 BILLION industry! So being one of the top cities for gamers can be a GOOD thing!

Source: WalletHub

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