Brothers Osborne just dropped a new song called "All Night" and fans may have realized it's the first new music to come from the duo's next album. They shared on The Bobby Bones Show all about their next project and why it's been delayed.

The guys have been hard at work on their next album for months. They confessed that they were about 95% finished with their new album when the Nashville tornado hit and then the coronavirus pandemic sent people into quarantine only weeks later. Between the two events, they hadn't been able to get into their studio to finish the project up. They said that the wait is over now though, over the past two weeks they were able to get into the studio and finish everything up. This means that more new music and their new album isn't far away. Brothers Osborne said that fans can expect a lot of uptempo music on this new project and noted that "All Night" is a great example of other songs to come on the album. They wanted these songs to be songs that would work well in a live setting.

Besides the new project, Brothers Osborne have been up to "the same as everyone else" while in quarantine. John shared that he hasn't really thought about shaving his beard in quarantine and joked that he's really not sure what's under his beard and doesn't think there's even a chin anymore. As far as TJ goes, Bobby Bones asked him if he has been recognized by his voice while going through drive-thrus and sure enough he has. He said a few times they knew it was him, but then there are some other times that people thought he was country artist Josh Turner.