Funk Fest is ON! That means 8 days of funky food, funky brews funky fun downtown Boise!

If you are the adventurous type when it comes to your brew, then Funk Fest may be just the thing for you! It actually started on Sunday (July 23) and runs through this Sunday, July 30th.

The Bittercreek Alehouse hosts the "funky" event. Funky lovers can check out wild and sour beers all week long. A different brew is in the spotlight each night, and of course you can grab some great food to go with your "funky brew of the day!"

The "funk" takes place between 11 a.m. and midnight each day.

So, brew lovers get YOUR funk on! Check out the Funk Fest this week, downtown Boise at the Bittercreek Alehouse!

Learn more HERE!


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