Kristian Bush's debut solo album, Southern Gravity, dropped on Tuesday (April 7) and he gave us a preview of every (yes, every!) song on the album. The singer pops up in this week's Country Quickie to discuss the album, give us a quickie preview, deliver a few innuendos and have some fun alongside host Nicki D.

This Quickie proves that singing isn't the only talent Bush has. In fact, he co-wrote all 12 songs on the album, which he somehow condensed into a very short, very awesome preview. Trust us, it's worth a watch!

Southern Gravity, which features the fun single "Trailer Hitch," is officially out on iTunes now. After you get done enjoying this video of Bush previewing his album, subscribe to the Taste of Country YouTube channel and check out last week’s Quickie at the button below.

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