It has been a Christmas tradition in my family since I was born that every year my sisters and I get to open a Christmas ornament on Christmas Eve and put it on the tree. My 4 sisters and I usually always got some kind of themed ones. When we were little it was usually Disney Characters, silly elfs playing sports, cute little animals, or Santa's that were slightly different so we all felt like we got something special. If my mom went out of town on business that is usually where the ornaments would come from. As a grown adult, I love looking at my unique collection of ornaments from over the years. Well this might be perfect if you do themed Christmas ornaments in your family too.

Coronavirus-themed Christmas ornaments have been brilliantly created by Old World Christmas, who calls itself the nation’s “premier brand of Christmas ornaments.” Well I do admire the creativity and success of the 2020 ornaments. They include Santa wearing a mask, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a roll of toilet paper. Currently those 3 top Covid-19 sellers are sold out online. There is still time though and my guess is with the overwhelming popularity Old World Christmas will try and pump out as many more as possible to capitalize on this year. The prices range from $14.99 to $21.99. I wouldn't be surprised if they even tried to hurry up with some new coronavirus and/or 2020 themed ornaments since they can see what a hit they are. What else would make a good ornament to represent this year?



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