What is wrong with people sometimes!?! 19-year-old Andrew C. Marshall of Kuna was arrested on charges of taking pictures inside a women's bathroom in a store in Meridian.

So here's the story.  According to the Ada County Sherriff's Office, a woman went to use the bathroom at a store on the 1400 block of W. Chinden Boulevard.  While she was in the stall she noticed a phone being held with the camera pointing directly at her.  Police say, it was Marshall attempting to take a pic from the next stall.  And it happened more than once during the incident.  According to the woman, after the first pic, she saw the phone reappear as he attempted to take a second one.  That's when she asked whoever it was the phone to stop.

When the person in the next stall left the bathroom, she says that she followed him and got her husband to stop him.

According to police, Marshall had been trying to delete the pics from his phone when the woman's husband grabbed him and then held him down along with the help of two others.

Who knows what Marshall might have been thinking which led him to allegedly do this, but he's now looking at felony video voyeurism charges.  These charges could land him prison for as long as 5 years.