Their family's grooming habits are the latest to be discussed online.

You know, sometimes I question why celebrities do interviews. Seriously. I wouldn't want every little word I say to be scrutinized or blown out of proportion. And yes, I see the irony here because I literally speak for a living, give opinions and sometimes share about my life.

But I'm not famous.

Couples like Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are though. To preface all of this, I am a fan of these two. I think they make incredible partners to one another and, from the outside looking in, it appears that they are devoted to each other and their family.

So why do we care about their kids' bathing habits?

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Recently, they opened up about their bedtime routines with their kids. According to the TODAY Show they used to bathe them every single night before bed. However, as the kids (Lincoln, 8 and Delta, 6) started putting themselves to bed, the routine fell by the wayside.

Now they essentially wait until they stink.

"Well, they do sometimes. Once you catch a whiff, that's biology's way of letting you know you need to clean it up." -Kristen Bell

I'm willing to bet that while the family was on vacation recently, and even traveled through Idaho, they probably didn't police their kids grooming habits.

Heck, all of the rules go out the window when you're on vacation!

And it's just funny to me that people are all up in arms about celebrities bathing their kids. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are not the first parents to be asked about this. In fact, they were only asked in light of what other celebrity parents had said.

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Another one of my favorite Hollywood couples opened up this conversation.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher told People Magazine that bathing their kids (Wyatt, 6 and Dimitri, 4) happens when dirt is present. Sure, the kiddos may get rinsed off each day, but scrubbing them down with soap is not required in their household.

A habit that might stem from Mila's upbringing.

"I didn't have hot water growing up as a child, so I didn't shower much anyway." -Mila Kunis

I would be willing to bet that these couples would probably abide by each other's rules too. If Mila and Ashton's kids stink, then they get bathed. And if Dax and Kristen's kids have visible dirt on them, then they get bathed.

Perhaps Dax and Kristen did bathe their kids in Idaho. After all, there are plenty of ways to get dirty being in the great outdoors.

How often do your kids bathe?

I don't have kids, but when I was one, I was outside constantly. And I was a complete tomboy so I came in for dinner covered in dirt and leaves, bumps and bruises. My mother had to scrub me down just to make sure I wasn't bleeding anywhere.

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