Hopefully you'll be able to swim at Eagle Island State Park soon!
Officials are hoping that the treatments they are using on the blue-green algae will have the water cleared up and ready for swimming in the next couple of weeks.

Gary Shelly, Eagle Island State Park Manager says, "We’re working with our partners at Boise City Parks and Recreation who are also dealing with Blue-Green Algae within their recreation areas, hoping to use similar water treatments and that both are successful.”

Once the treatment is finished, it will take another few days for testing and water quality monitoring before swimming will be allowed to resume. Once the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Environmental Quality give the green flag (no pun intended) you can once again cool off in the pond.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy most of the park's 545 acres, including the waterslide, the trails and picnic areas, and the disc golf courses.

You can keep checking here for updates, and you can always get more information about harmful algae blooms throughout Idaho and a map of current advisories from the DEQ

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