Earl Dibbles Jr. is known for his patriotism, and he's helping country music fans amp up for the 4th of July by taking them behind the scenes of his "Merica" video.

Dibbles is the alter ego of country singer Granger Smith, who created the character several years ago and has parlayed that into an enormous amount of YouTube success. Smith has long been a star in the Texas music scene, and he worked for years to build his touring base and fan support nationwide, releasing his first major label album, Remington, in March 2016 via Wheelhouse Records. The album's lead single, "Backroad Song," reached No. 1 in February.

He dons Dibbles' trademark white shirt and overalls once again in the clip above, which is premiering exclusively with Taste of Country. Smith takes fans behind the scenes for the "Merica" video shoot at a Nashville soundstage, which he jokes represents "the first time Dibbles has ever been off of dirt and grass for this long."

"We've got all the things that Earl loves," Smith explains. "Country girls, mud tires, deer, gas cans ..."

The video represents a dream that Dibbles is having in which he goes to the moon and drives a space shuttle, among other outrageous scenarios. "The whole thing is kind of in his head ... it's all just an America red, white and blue dream," Smith says.

"This is actually a big branch-off for him," the video's director shares. "It's a celebration of moments with Earl going where he hasn't gone before."

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