The Bobby Bones Show crew went on separate vacations over the July 4th holiday. Eddie and his wife took off to Destin, Florida for some time alone.

However when everyone returned from vacations, Eddie didn't. He came back from Florida to Tennessee, but he didn't come into the studio. He was having some symptoms of a sinus infection, but the show wanted everyone to be safe so Eddie stayed home from work. He did take a coronavirus test this past weekend, but he's still waiting for the results to come back. If they come back positive, Eddie will have to stay away from the studio for awhile. And if the test is negative, then Eddie will be free to return back to work.

Eddie confessed that he was having some bad congestion, then he started having body aches. Since the first few symptoms have stayed, Eddie also lost his smell, but not his taste. Most of the show thinks Eddie definitely has coronavirus, but a few are optimistic it's just his usual sinus infection he gets every year.

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