If you've never been to Lava Hot Springs in the southeast corner of the state, you need to go check it out!

Located on the old Oregon Trail, Lava Hot Springs is a small, historic town along U.S. Highway 30 and the Portneuf River about a 45 minute drive from Pocatello.

The historic Riverside Inn was built in 1914, and has played host to several celebrities and historical figures in it's 100 plus years. When you walk the halls, you see photos from long ago, through the ages.

The hotel is located right along the Portneuf River, which is host to some of the biggest trout in southeast Idaho. It's a short walking distance to the famous Lava Hot Springs and Sunken Gardens in one direction, and the famous Olympic size public swimming pool in the other.

When I say walking distance, I mean...walking distance. Lava Hot Springs is surrounded by mountains on the north and the south side, and has a population of just over 500 residents. The population on any given day during the summer months is much higher, as people from all over make the famous hot springs a destination.

So do yourself a favor and plan a weekend road trip at some point, and check out Lava Hot Springs. It's about a 5 hour drive from Boise, and it's worth the trip!

Oh....and if you go....prepare for one of the best night of sleeping! The night temperatures are cool, and after soaking in the hot springs....you won't have trouble falling asleep that night! Enjoy!

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