Earlier this year, Idaho ranked in the Top 10 Best States for Summer Road Trips, according to WalletHub. Is anybody shocked? Idaho’s a freakin’ awesome place to live!

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I joke about how surprising that is, but really it's amazing we have such an awesome, beautiful, and adventurous state. I'd imagine Idaho makes its way onto a lot of people’s bucket lists... as it should.

One thing I really love about Idaho is that even if you’re from here... there’s still never a shortage of adventures and things to do — there’s so much to explore that you likely haven’t checked out before.

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Sure, we’re nearing the end of Summer, but there’s still time to check out the parts of Idaho you haven’t ever seen — whether that's a small town you’ve never been to, a restaurant you’ve heard of but haven't ever tried, or even adventures close to where you live that you’ve been meaning to check out for years.

And here’s the best part, whatever you decide most likely won’t break the bank, either.

WalletHub measured 32 metrics as part of this study, and all of the top 10 states they chose are very affordable places to go. Thus, Idaho is one of the most affordable states to visit and adventure in.

If you’re looking for more awesome things to do or really cool places to see here in Idaho, keep scrolling 👇

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