We Were Surprised by the #1 State Idahoans Move to
People are moving to Idaho in groves, According to the 2020 census the Gem state was the second most moved into state in the US, next to Utah. Utah happens to be the second most common state that Idahoans move to when they move out of the Gem state. Check out the list of top ten below, number 1 surp…
Are Idaho’s McDonalds Workers Going on Strike?
McDonalds employees, more specifically the cashiers and cooks have been planning a strike around the country. Workers are expected to strike next Wednesday, May 19th. The strike is to fight for higher wages. Idaho has about 50 McDonalds through the state, around 20 in the Treasure Valley.
The Best Vodkas Come from Idaho
It just doesn't get any better than potato vodka from right here in Idaho. There are a few companies that have mastered the Idaho Vodka scene and are ready to take a splash in your glass this summer.
BSU Graduate Has One More Race to Tokyo Olympics
Pro-Steeplechasers Marisa Howard, who went to BSU, snagged the Olympic standard in the Steeplechase over the weekend. That means if she finishes in the Top 3 in the event at the US Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, Marisa will be heading to Tokyo.

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