The temperatures are dropping and fall is beginning to set in, in the Treasure Valley. With that in mind we are talking fall survival tips. What are some of the fall survival tips you have?

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It was trending hashtag on social media #fallsurvivaltips. Here are some of the top ones and others:

  • Remember pumpkin spice is not actually spicy
  •  Break out the flannel and the sunscreen
  • keep gloves in the car along with socks...just in case.
  • Stock up on hot cocoa
  • Get your TV subscriptions up to date
  • Start relooking at instapot recipes for soups/stews
  • Fish more ( my favorite from Jim)
  • Don't rake the leaves and then let the dog out.

It's so important to stay warm during the fall but also starts what we say is the "cozy" season. I love bundling up in wawm sweaters and scarfs, as well as sipping hot cocoa. Starting a fire or if you have a gas fireplace turning that on.



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