It’s the first day of September, and that means it’s time to double down on supporting local. It’s my opinion that we should always strive to support local, but why is it especially a big deal in the month of September? Because it’s officially Idaho Preferred Month!

Without Idaho Agriculture, Idahoans (and basically the rest of the country) wouldn’t have the products we so regularly need and purchase. So, while we should always be thankful for what Idaho Agriculture does for us, we should double down this month on supporting local and thanking our amazing Idaho farmers.

Keep scrolling for some facts about Idaho Agriculture that will blow your mind 👇

Most of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives, and we forget (or might not even know) about Idaho Preferred Month or just how much agriculture contributes to our daily lives… so here’s an awesome video that explains the incredible things they do and below are a bunch of awesome facts about Idaho Agriculture (including national rankings).

Keep scrolling for some facts about Idaho Agriculture that will blow your mind 👇

These Idaho Agriculture Facts Will Blow Your Mind

All facts and information was provided by this Idaho Agriculture Infographic from 2021.

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